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Vivit TQA provides the following services. Some of these services are open to the public. Others can be accessed only by Vivit members. Basic Vivit membership is free. You can register for membership at the Vivit Worldwide website.

  • Web-based seminars: For a list of upcoming Vivit webinars check the events announcements on this website or visit the webpage on upcoming Vivit webinars at the Vivit Worldwide website (access to Vivit members only).
  • Discussion forums: Vivit TQA maintains and supports various discussion forums, including the "Vivit TQA" and "Vivit - Quality (QA)" groups on
  • News and information services on products of HP Software: News, information and user experience on products of HP Software & Solutions are being disseminated and shared on various communication channels, including webinars, discussion forums,online information repositories, and meetings of the users community.
  • Regional meetings: Regional meetings are announced in the list of events on this website and on the Vivit Worldwide events calendar.

The following diagram gives an overview of the various information services of Vivit TQA for the public audience, for registered members (free basic membership), and for supporting members.

For an overview of Vivit membership status and membership benefits, please look up the membership overview page at the Vivit Worldwide website.